This is so cute. You are so cute.

Going to the bar tonight and getting my drink on 🍸😊🍹







white american in america: you fucking wetback learn english this is america

white american in mexico: you fucking wetback learn english this is…just learn fucking english ok


What was the purpose of this????

the purpose of this post? to expose white people’s sense of entitlement? 

This is soooo false! I live in California. And it’s a high school requirement to take 2 years of a language, and 99% take Spanish. A couple of friends and I are planning to go to Mexico for spring break in 2015 and I’ve been trying to learn more Spanish for that trip.

My dad runs is his own construction company and a lot of his workers are Mexican and when I’m around them, I try and speak as much Spanish as I can, cause I know English is a fucking hard language to learn!

ahh yes! the much needed “not all white people” comment this post needed!





Yet they claim that the queer community is overly sexual and puts our sex lives out there. Straight people are weird. 


"i pretend christian grey is my daddy" ????? ???? ?? ?? ? ? ?? ? ? ?? ??? ? ? ?????????????/

Christ this is disturbing.



See all of the functionality of this amazing home unit here.

(Developed by MIT Media Lab)

Now we wait until all the Studio apartments in the world do this.

Track Title: Hunger Of The Pine

Artist: alt-J

Album: This Is All Yours


alt-J - Hunger Of The Pine




I still laugh about the amount of people this post has angered

So you hate America?

oh honey


Tobiramas face 

i am cute. i am important. my kids love me. i love them more. the sky is always so pretty. silly things make me giggle. i am getting a tattoo. and a car. i will always be okay. things are not bad. some days the world makes me sad but that isn’t today. i have the ability to make myself happy. i have insane amounts of love to give. i want to give lots of love to everyone i meet. one day i’ll give lots of love to someone and they’ll give lots of love to me. i dream of being independent and on my own for a long time. i dream of moving away. i love someone and they don’t love me and that is okay. my coworkers are my friends and they think i’m silly. it’s okay to hate people. it’s normal to get angry. it’s vital to stand up for myself. i will be the person I want myself to be. i am very patient. i am young and i will always be okay.